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Fire Fighting Equipment Supplied by Key Safety Services Inc.
                                                                       Fire Trucks

                     TRUCK FEATURES
  • 8,000 liter/minute Class A Fire Pump
  • 3,200 liters of heated potable water
  • 685 kg. Ansul Purple K Dry Chemical
  • 1,150 liters of AFFF Foam
  • Foam Proportioning System (0-6%)

Key Safety's fire trucks represent a significant step forward in addressing the unique problems that are

encountered in large-scale hydrocarbon firefighting. By applying and including the newest "hands-on" experience when designing, firefighting apparatus Key Safety remains at the forefront of the hydrocarbon firefighting industry.

"Each fire truck's on-board fire-power" inventory includes Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Filming Foam concentrate, a potable water
supply and a potassium bicarbonate (PK) dry chemical system, as well as hoses, fire appliances, and personal protective apparel
necessary for hazardous duty operations.

These units, unmatched in the Canadian Petroleum Industry, are operated by skilled professional hydrocarbon fire fighting specialists.All fire trucks have the ability to "fight fire" indefinitely at higher application rates than any other conventional fire apparatus in today's petroleum industry.

                                                Dual (Fire Fighting/Industrial Shower) Units

                       TRUCK FEATURES

Temperature controlled shower/recovery
trailer complete with:

  • 8,000 liter/minute Class A Fire Pump
  • 10,000 liters temperature-controlled potable water
  • 1,365 kg Ansul Purple K dry chemical
  • 910 liters of AFFF foam
  • Foam proportioning system (0-6%)
  • Interior & Exterior eyewash and mid-section stations
  • 670 liter/minute shower pump

In response to the ongoing development of enhanced production programs using new fluids and chemical compositions Key Safety
offers our clients Deluge Shower Systems. These systems include temperature controlled potable water sources, drench showers,
eye-wash solutions, patient treatment bunks, O2 therapy stations emergency  responder's first aid/burn treatment equipment

These units offer personal protection for stimulation or clean cut operations that are routinely performed at remote locations. In 
case of an accidental chemical contamination to an individual, immediate decontamination followed  by wound treatment and patient stabilization begins. This "on-site" response provides our clients with the resources and personnel that can and will make the difference if a personal chemical  contamination should ever occur on location.

For more detailed information and pictures of Key Safety's firefighting equipment, please visit their section on fire fighting trucks and equipment located at or to the direct page here.

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