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Fast and efficient control of landfill fires, often  it calls for the services
of technical experts that specialize in the field.  Our new joint venture, LandfillFire Control Inc. was formed by Sperling  Hansen Associates (SHA)
to provide  these services  world wide.
The expertise of SHA a gives you  access to staff with decades of fire fighting experience, and access to extinguish- ment strategies that have been proven on numerous landfill fire projects.

Sperling Hansen Associates is an established company that specializes
in all  aspects of  landfill engineering.  We assist  landfill  operators in
planning operations, managing leachate and landfill gas, implementing closure and environmental monitoring. Having completed engineering assignments at more than  300 landfills in  the past years, (SHA) staff
have an excellent understanding of landfill operations. This knowledge
is invaluable when developing extinguishment strategies and managing environmental impacts associated with landfill fires. To learn more visit (SHA'S) web site at sperlinghansen.com.

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