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Our Papers

Delta Shake and Shingle Case History


  1. Introduction
  2. Site History
  3. Initial Fire Response
  4. Declaring Local State of Emergency
  5. Cause of Ignition
  6. Strategy for Extinguishment
  7. Health and Safety Issues
  8. Extinguishing the Fire
  9. The Monitoring Program
  10. The Cost of Extinguishment
  11. Lessons Learned

Campbell Mountain Landfill Case History


  1. Introduction
  2. The Fire Suppression Plan
  3. The Monitoring Plan
  4. The Drilling Program
  5. Thermistor Installation
  6. Initial Monitoring Results
  7. Initial Temperature Monitoring Results
  8. Initial Gas Monitoring Results
  9. Phase 1 Construction
  10. Phase 1 Monitoring Results
    Temperature Monitoring
    Gas Concentration Measurements
  11. Recommendations for Implementation of Phases 2 and 3


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Mack truck delivering 5,000 gallons of water.

Skid mounted monitor delivers 200gpm.

LandfillFire Control Inc. technician installing gas probe.