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Environmental and Air Quality Monitoring

Smoke from major landfill fires threaten health of fire fighters as well
as workers and residents in the area. Monitoring of air quality is vital
to ensure that all parties will be properly protected. We provide a full
range of air quality sensors for
CO2 , CO, methane and H2S.A trailer
based air quality monitoring laboratory is available to test for a wider
range of environmental parameters. Our team maintains a data base
of qualified occupational hygienists across North America who can be
rapidly mobilized to address health and safety issues.

Leachate generated by fire fighting water often presents another major environmental challenge, especially if the landfill is located near aquatic habitat,  be it  a stream,  river, lake  or wetland. Our  team adopts fire
fighting methods that do not apply excessive amounts of water to fires. When practical, we strive to recycle water and foam agents to minimize impacts.

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