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A Case Study at the Campbell Mountain Landfill, Penticton, British Columbia

Gas Concentration Measurements.
In order to determine if the clay seal was effectively cutting off the oxygen supply to the landfill, and see if the carbon monoxide concentrates were dropping, landfill gas composition measurements were taken quarterly since the installation of the clay cap. A Landtec GA-90 gas analyzer and the PhD Analyzer were used to take the measurements. The GA-90 is specifically designed for landfill gas applications and provides methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations in percent by volume. The PhD Analyzer was used to obtain the hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide concentrations in ppm.

Assuming that the only route through which atmospheric air could enter the refuse was through the cover (i.e. the sides and base were impermeable) the best indication of whether or not the oxygen was being effectively cut off was to take gas concentrations in the upper probe. The results of the measurements, and the depth from surface to the top of the upper screen, are included in table 4.

Table 4  Gas Concentration Measurements
Well Depth to Screen (m) Methane CH4 in % Carbon Dioxide C02 in %
GMW98-1B 15.2 48.0 to 75.2 37.5 to 49.9
GMW98-2B 7.0 25.7 to 48.8 26.8 to 40.1
GMW98-3B 5.2 34.0 to 63.1 31.1 to 41.0
GMW98-4B 3.0 50.9 to 65.1 37.7 to 47.5
GMW98-5B 6.1 58.0 to 65.7 42.0 to 48.6
GMW98-6B 8.5 49.1 to 65.4 36.1 to 49.1
GMW98-7B 8.25 35.0 to 54.5 30.7 to 43.3
GMW98-8 7.0 40.0 to 70.7 33.5 to 49.8

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