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A Case Study at the Campbell Mountain Landfill, Penticton, British Columbia

Thermistor Installation.
In order to measure the temperature gradient around each of the boreholes, Thermistor "strings" were installed in the deep standpipes at each location. The Thermistor strings, supplied by RST Instruments, consisted of a series of temperature sensors connected at approximately 5 metre intervals to a cable. Insulated baffles were installed between each of the sensors to minimize the possibility of convective movement of gas within the standpipe tubing. The up-hole end of the Thermistor cable was secured to a terminal box within which a military coupler was installed for easy connection to the monitoring equipment. A summery of the Thermistor depths is presented in Table1. 

Temperature readings were obtained by connecting a digital thermometer (Omega Model 866) to the Thermistor terminal box. The Thermistors were numbered sequentially down the hole, with #1 always being the shallowest Thermistor. The digital Thermistor unit was arranged such that the temperatures at each level would be measured sequentially by turning a dial.


Table1                 THERMISTOR INFORMATION
Number Length (m) Number of Sensors Spacing (M)
GVM98-1 29 6 5,10,15,20,25,29
GVM98-2 24 4 6,12,18,24
GVM98-3 16.8 3 5,11.5,16.8
GVM98-4 10.1 2 5,10.1
GVM98-5 16.2 3 5,10.5,16.2
GVM98-6 21.4 4 6,11,16,20.4
GVM98-7 20.2 4 5,10,15,20.2
GVM98-8 9.5 2 5,9.5


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